Small Watercolours & Drawings

These series trace the essence, energy and connections of this land through the heart of Australia’s centre, west and far north. The works capture the range of energy from quiet and silent, to violent and demonstrative, all transcribed through the motion of the mode of travel. Each alteration in the land is felt and interpreted by the artist, with a process and limited control … making another mark.

Ivanhoe Eucalypt Series – a study in Ivanhoe – watercolour and ink on paper

Kimberly series & RFDS Series

These 2 series map over 20 000km of the land.
Colour, where it is used is a conceptual interpretation of the internal and external landscape, the relationship, the emotions and memories.

The Cell Series examines activity and changes associated with injury and illness. It traces the periods of activity, assault, rest and energy as the cells change, repair and alter their synaptic activity.  And then there is …Testing New Ground, reorganising, a new reality, joy + confusion, shaky ground … and more to come.